Rina Dayne is a Badass Woman who writes about other badass women finding love.


What is a Badass Woman?

  • She is confident. (Confidence is not arrogance, y'all.)
  • She is determined. (Setting goals and working hard to get there.)
  • She is authentic and original. (You always get the "real" her.)
  • She excels in her area of expertise. (That doesn't mean she knows everything.)
  • She is resilient. (Bad shit may have happened to her, but it has made her stronger.)
  • She lives by a personal code. (Her values and personal beliefs drive her actions and decisions.)


There's more, but in Rina's stories, you can expect to find women who already are Badass or who are finding their way there at the same time they are finding love.

Note: Rina's books include open-door sex scenes and liberal use of profanity. Not recommended for those under the age of 18.

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