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He’s not looking for love, or even a permanent residence. And she’s not looking to get her heart broken again.

Liona Earle may not be lucky in love, but she’s got more important things to focus on — like a fledgling graphic design business to cultivate in her hometown of Jasper Mill. So when her design work wins an award to be presented during the National Unicorn Day awards ceremony, she knows she needs to capitalize on it.

The only problem? The award is coming from Punning, the neighboring town that has been feuding with Jasper Mill for more than a century.

Enter Grant MacLeod, the mysterious Scottish hunk she spots on the side of the road one Sunday morning. What could have been just a random encounter turns serendipitous, as both Liona and Grant find themselves looking for a Holidate for Easter Sunday.

Grant shows Liona how to savor life. How to experience all that it has to offer. But will his ridicule of the Jasper Mill-Punning feud drive a wedge between them? Or does the quickly-approaching end date on their relationship mean that Liona won’t give it any time at all?

Come experience Jasper Mill through the eyes of an outsider, and join Liona and Grant as they discover that love — the spiritual — is more important than worldly possessions.