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If a night I’ll always remember helps me forget the day I’ll always regret, isn’t that a win/win?

After bombing her interview to become the next principal of Jasper Mill Middle-High School, Phoebe Kestrel decides that a Halloween party designed to encourage anonymous sex is just what she needs.

After all, she’ll never return to Jasper Mill.

But when she finds out the next week that she did get the job, she has to worry about that Halloween Hookup coming home to roost.

Wes Herrington is a high school art teacher and favorite son of Jasper Mill. The first time he meets the new principal, he figures out that it’s her — the Medusa that his Pirate hooked up with.

Wes can’t wait to hook up with her again. But can they? Can Phoebe establish herself as the new principal in a small town and have a relationship with one of her teachers at the same time? Even if she can, does she want to? Can Wes learn how to let Phoebe fight her own battles? Or will his benevolent chauvinism keep them apart?